Caring for a parent, Self-care


I am on vacation…from nearly everything: Mama, my house that’s not really home, gardening, social media, scheduling the hospice team, this blog, and—if the forecast holds—the relentless 2015 summer sun and heat. I’m doing non-blog writing, reading, hiking, hopefully staying relatively dry while camping during the only wet weather week of the summer, eating, and sleeping. This is a pre-written and scheduled post, so you don’t forget me!

We are enjoying the rain here in the Pacific Northwest. A thirsty earth is drinking. Here’s to respite: from drought and caregiving; and with hope and prayers that soon there will be relief from the Washington wildfires for all who are in the midst of them. Thank you to my sister Jo Ann for being Daughter on Duty this week.


7 thoughts on “Respite!”

  1. Recently I had you look at my own wellbeing and realize that it takes a village! Same with you all…it takes a team! One of the best endeavors I know! Thanks for sharing it!


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