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Camp Gigi 2017: It’s a Wrap

Camp Gigi is over. Sad. And not. He moved from bed to sofa this morning, I think around 5:00, and slept there until 8:00 when I “helped” him wake up. It’s possible he has never slept that late in his brief life, ever. We jumped right into Mousetrap, followed by a record-breaking enormous breakfast (eggs, pancakes, bacon, fruit). I taught him how to play dominoes, he caught on quickly. I finally got him into the workshop to finish the “Gigi’s Garden” sign he and his Mama started and we worked on yesterday. That’s where we were when Mommy, Mama, and Baby Adrian arrived. He was so happy to see them. He taught them “Crack Crack Croquet.” One more visit to HUBBUB, Aunt Becca, and a lollypop; one more visit to Nana Great. And they were gone. Can I go to bed now?








Crack Crack Croquet
“I win!”


First garden pea.



Friday came, faster than I thought it would. (E never asked to see this visual his Mama made to help him track the days if he got homesick.)

Next up: a weekend in Seattle with both the littles, alone, while moms celebrate their anniversary here at Three of Earth Farm, where they were married five years ago. 😳


6 thoughts on “Camp Gigi 2017: It’s a Wrap”

  1. Thanks for spreading so much joy this week ! The boys look like best friends. How awesome is that. To this day I can still remember special nights over with my grands. ( and that was over 50 years ago ! ) I don’t think those memories ever fade. So happy for you all ☆

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