Daughter Off Duty

They Left Us Everything

It’s a common story among Baby Boomers whose Depression era parents have left the planet, and left their stuff behind for the children to deal with. Lots. Of. Stuff. There’s a new post on my blog. Read it here.

2 thoughts on “They Left Us Everything”

  1. It took a year to clean my 4 generation house. Then what was left ended up in mine. Still working through the slide trays, photos. We had a flood event called Harvey which took care of many of the framed family photos. I now have a lot of empty frames to sell in a spring garage sale. Books went as well. The full set of the 1890 Encyclopedia Britanica was a loss. It’s a process.


    1. One of the few things my mother discarded (that I know of) was the World Book encyclopedia set she earned by selling them door to door when I was very small. And they are one of the few things I wish I had. Maybe that’s because I don’t have them.


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