Death & Dying

One Hundred and Two

Today is my mother’s 102nd birthday. She died just 53 days short. We celebrated her life in grand style on Saturday; more about that in a few days. For now, I want to share a poem a friend sent me a few days after my mother’s death. I’ve been saving it for today.

Prayer for My Mother

Spirit of the trees
move like soft wind
over my mother’s face tonight.

Spirit of the ocean
the goddess of warm water
bathe my mother’s back with
the ebb and flow of peace.

Spirit of birdsong
Spirit of the angel’s voice
allow whole and pure high notes
and deep and low notes
to resonate sweet in the marrow of her bones.

Spirit of the spider
spin ease into her hands
let her handmade quilts
become their beautiful expressions
of her love for us all.

Spirit of the sacred earth
Spirit of the leaves and flowers
let your greens and reds and yellows
come to her eyes every day.
Encourage her tenderness,
let her tend to you,
as you tend to her,
Spirit to spirit
soul to soul
breath to breath.

May my mother be blessed
with all that is holy and all that is good.

Jean Mahoney

Photo from her 100th birthday.


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