Remembering my parents, Writing Down the Story

Adventure Log: Lake Quinault & Kalaloch

I paid homage to my parents yesterday at two of their favorite places. Read my photo log at Writing Down the Story. My mother seems to be always with me. May it remain so forever.



2 thoughts on “Adventure Log: Lake Quinault & Kalaloch”

  1. Your experience reminds me so much of what I experienced when my mom died. The moment she died her life made sense in a way it could not prior to that. She remained ‘always with me’ for about 2 year. It is such a mystery to me why some people experience this. I referred to it as JOY finding me. May JOY continue to find you for a long time.


    1. That’s very interesting. It was certainly true for my mother regarding her mother. Except she simultaneously forgot how challenging (read horrible) she had been too. I’m determined to let the joy find me and not block it by how difficult she was. And at the same time, not sugar coat the experience. Thank you for this.


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