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Adventure Log: Paradise 2—Saying “Yes” to the Call.

The mountain called, and Daughter on Duty left town. Next Thursday I will be on an airplane and may or my not get a post written before then. I’ll be back! The beat goes on. And on and on. Read about my latest adventure (last of the season?) here.


Meanwhile, I am honored to report, that I was told yesterday, just before I headed for the mountain, that I was chosen to receive a national Story Circle Network Star Blogger Award! I am gratified. (Visit SCN here.) Here is what they wrote in the e-news.

“Gretchen Staebler describes her blog this way: ‘In 2012, well into the autumn of my life, I moved back to my soul home to walk with my mother, born in 1916 in the shadow of the Great Smoky Mountains, as she comes to the end of years. This blog is about our walk, at least from my viewpoint. It is about the frustration and humor of living with the old-old, the déjà vu of living in my childhood home and being the child again, and the sadness of being the parent of my parent. It is about the privilege of giving of myself to be on this walk with my mother, and the struggle to see it as privilege.’

“Staebler’s writing is eloquent and searingly honest. Visit her blog and walk by her side a bit. You’ll be glad you did.”

Thank you SCN!

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