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Camp Gigi: Day One

The bigger little is at the “farm” on the hill for Camp Gigi. This is  non-consecutive year two of Camp Gigi. He came in 2015 for three nights while his mom’s were in Vancouver for the final game of the Women’s Soccer World Cup. Camp took a hiatus last year because, well, because he was 2-1/2. But he’s back! I hope it will be an annual event now. At least until he’s, well, 13. Kidding.

This is a pictorial journal because, are you kidding, do you have to ask? There is no time write!

Day 0: Pre-camp

Screenshot 2017-07-05 06.10.55.jpg
Arrival: “Gigi!” “Elliot!”
“This is going to be so great, Gigi.”
Heading for the garden.



Hill-rolling practice


Day One

First ones up.
Old technology for a 3-year-old who can enter the screen password, locate his “show” or music on “YouTupe,” and start the action.
Bye to the moms and baby brudder without a whimper.
Brand new lawn game: Crack Crack Croquet. Round one: Line up balls.Tap post twice with mallet and say “crack crack.” Pick up first ball and hold on top of post. Let it drop off other side and push through first two wickets with hand. Run to other end of playing field and tap post two times and say “crack crack.” Run back to beginning. (Something is said there, I forget what.). Round two: Tap post two times with mallet and say “crack, crack.” Run around entire playing field two times then fall down. Get up and tap post two times with mallet and say “crack crack.” No balls involved.
Just a hike in the woods…
all the way to Staebler Point…
…and back.
Needed a lollypop from Hubbub.
Train gazing from Hubbub.
High five with Nana-great.
Checking out the playground at the new splash park before the parade.
Saved splashing for another day. We had a parade to get to.
Getting ready to walk in the parade with Aunt Becca, the candidate. (Her float won first place in the political category. Of course it did.) He tossed candy, developing quite an enthusiastic arm for the toss. “That was so so great, Gigi.”
Cooling off before dinner.
He was asleep as soon as head hit pillow. He missed the fireworks in the valley. Happy Fourth!


9 thoughts on “Camp Gigi: Day One”

  1. Camp Maga and NIna is going to start here next Saturday. We’re going camping with our 12 year old! Time flies… what a treasured week. Resting now? Love, C&A


  2. Having grown up with croquet and it’s many variations, I am thrilled to hear of a new spin on it. That is one imaginative little spirit ☆ I’m guessing your conversations are quite epic ! The pictures are a treat. Have a wonderful few days !

    Liked by 1 person

  3. And when your head hit the pillow? What happened then? Life just can’t get any better, I’m guessing! (Although I wouldn’t know. Sad.)

    Liked by 2 people

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