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Camp Gigi: Day 2

A little challenging at the beginning and end of today, missing his moms and baby Adrian; but in the middle what a powerhouse this guy is! Tomorrow the splash park.

Morning work at Papa-great’s (and Gigi’s) desk.
It took some doing, but we got a digit in each finger of new work gloves! Yehaw!
Farm work.


Abandoned stick clean up for “acorns,” okay “pine cones.” Finally agreed to call them fir cones. He earned “moneys” for his labor, as his mother did before him.
Reward in the garden: peas.



Nana-great, of course…
…and pool in the old folks residence.
It was too long a day, but he did great. Lunch at Burgerville before the promised trip to the library.
Movie and popcorn rest time. (I, um, might have slept a little, he did not.) He wanted to watch it again, and had a meltdown when he didn’t get the hoped for response.
Meltdown distraction, “You have a piano?!?!?”


He has a smoke aversion. Must be related to his great-grandmother.


Pre-bed games. Also Mousetrap that I got at a thrift store. One critical piece was missing–well, they’re all kind of critical–and it didn’t work as well as the original version we had, but he loved it. Conked out immediately again.


6 thoughts on “Camp Gigi: Day 2”

  1. Precious moments. I love that there are traditions carried forward with each new generation. He looks like he belongs in that garden somehow. Boldness and energy and color ! There is sooo much that is growing beneath your feet there. Three of Earth Farm just got a little more fabulous. Thanks for sharing your day !

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