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The Secret to Longevity

Mama: Michelle read me part of a story in the paper about a 100-year-old woman. Did you see it?
Me: No.
Mama: The reporter asked the secret to her longevity. She said it was the 3 Ls: Limber, loving; I can’t remember the third one.
Me: Liquor probably. What would you say is the secret to your longevity? Not that you are anywhere near that old.
Mama: Being outside, I think. Being active in the fresh air. And being a second child. I think we have to learn to figure things out.
Me: Stubborn, I would say.
Mama: We have that in common.
Me: Yes, we certainly do.

I looked at the headline. The third one is “being a little bit looney.” Mama has that in spades, but probably not the way the 100 year old meant.

1 thought on “The Secret to Longevity”

  1. O yes, I agree with being outdoors! Looney…our dear Robin referred to the idea that everyone has a only bit of crazy to use in life, so use it well!


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