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Mama Trauma

“No pictures on FaceBook!” Mama ordered. Though this isn’t technically FB, I will abide by her wishes; but wanted to let Daughter on Duty followers know that Mama took a tumble in the garden last night and planted her face. Rebecca and I spent the night with her in the ER. Broken nose, very colorful face, collagen upper lip for free. She is not complaining at all about pain or discomfort in her face, but her arm is very painful and in a splint. Nothing broken, no concussion. So lucky. I’m sure there will be more writ in this space at some point, but first: sleep.

1 thought on “Mama Trauma”

  1. We used to say jokingly but seriously, “Ah, the joys of parenthood.” As parents age we now can say, “Ah the joys of mothering our mothers (or fathers).” In Sociology this generation who have children and maybe grandchildren but have aging parents, is called “the sandwich generation”. I think you know why. 🙂


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