A Few Brief Thoughts on Passions

I love working through my blog posts and journal entries from these past 22 months of living with my mother; trying to move them toward a coherent and compelling something that might someday be the first draft of something that someday might be a book.
And I want to do it all the time.


I love being back in the garden, creating space and watching for things to grow.
And I want to do it all the time.


I am excited to improve this property. I wish I could make changes inside, but the time is not yet for that. Meanwhile there is so much I want to do outside: build trails, landscape neglected spaces, clean out the barn and other junky places.
And I want to do it all the time.


Spring is here; I want to go exploring around this spectacular state.
And I want to do it all the time.


My grandson is beautiful!
And I want to be in Seattle with him all the time.


I dabble in all the above. But mostly it seems my focus and energy, if not my time, revolve around what to prepare for dinner for Mama. I guess that’s how I earn my keep.
And I don’t want to do it at all.


These are my current passions. What are yours?

4 thoughts on “A Few Brief Thoughts on Passions

  1. Wow, everyone sounds so full of zip and energy…I am not that, but I enjoy my life as it is. Little ones keep me busy tho I am not their caregiver…I am in their lives for them to teach me. Then I like to travel a bit, definitely photography, and writing. Writing is a bit here and there and scrambled about, so guess it will stay that way for now!!


  2. Since my caregiving has ceased, I am now exploring what now? I am developing a small business with photography. So far its an expensive hobby, but I am no longer an amateur as some people have actually paid money for prints. Wow! Still cleaning out my house after merging the family home into a much smaller space. For some reason, I cleaned out a much larger home in a year, but can’t clean up my little house any faster. Neighbor is having yard sale this month and I am piggybacking. Maybe I can walk down my hallway afterwards.


  3. Thanks for demonstrating extreme care of your mother and her world! I live in the Live Music Capital of the World. Performing music, hearing it, reading about it, taking my 2 grandboyz with me…I definitely want to do music all the time. Practicing yoga and soon beginning yoga teacher training while including my hip-healing process…I want to do it all the time, too. Finding nutritious food is also my passion…a perpetual pot of minty green tea, slow-cooking chicken bones to warming broth, eating food by color, cooking rhubarb (just now available) to top almost anything and finding tapioca pudding ( late in its season)…even locating a wonderful home remedy decongestant made up of lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, honey, ginger and cayenne pepper…warm it up. Travel? Hiking? Those I love so much, and I dont get to do them right now, ref. the above. Til later…


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